In consultation with Tax Attorneys,  Certified Financial Planners ® and Registered Asset Managers, we meet with people, one on one,  or as a family, to show how they might “come out ahead” by forming personalized charitable financial  plans which utilize even the most complex charitable and estate planning trusts.  These financial plans will underwrite your chosen charity, save on taxes,  improve your cash flow,  while providing a life long revenue steam for you and your family.     Our firm specializes in:

(1) For nonprofit organizations:   We assess the systemic, “Management Preconditions” essential for winning the confidence of Major Donors — [Even in challenging economic times], with Funding Feasibility Funding Studies,  and . . .

(2)  In securing trust: With the Nonprofit Organization’s permissions, we sit down with your selected donor prospects, in face-to-face conversations, to secure confidence and commitments.  We take the person from what might be only a curious interest, right through to signing trust documents, with attorney approval,  resulting in their benefit  and that of the Nonprofit organization.

(3)  Our Firm explores with your Donor Client,  the latest in personalized, detailed, complex, Financial and Planned Giving Instruments, such as “Family Limited Partnerships,” “Lead Unitrusts,” “Family Pooled Income Accounts,” “Family and Charitable Foundations,”  “Donor Advised Funds,” “Small Business  Succession Plans,” and “Real Estate Trusts,” (with life tenancy reserved), to name only a few.  For more information on these complex trusts see the Crescendo Interactive Web Site by clicking here or contact us, for more information by writing to this email address: rogersizemore@gmail.com