Roger A. Sizemore, A.B., M.S., M.Dv., Ph.D., (The University of Edinburgh, Scotland and with Ph.D. Level Studies at The University of Tübingen, Germany), who, along with Professional Associates of the firm, is the Founder and Principal of Sizemore Consulting.  He was previously an Academic Professor at Colleges and Universities, [Psychology, Philosophy and Religion Departments], serving as Academic Dean and then President of Phillips University’s Graduate Theological Seminary.  Currently, he consults in systemic “Transformational Processes”  and “Financial Resource Development” for Non-Profit Organizations, and for individuals, as he develops Higher Education Academic Courses for online and distance learning platforms, focused upon Organizational Transformation and Financial Resource Development. These streaming videos are available on all devices,  within a context of  a fully-interactive, HD, “Distance Learning Format, within “Video-Interactive Consulting” protocols. For starter and germinative essays by Roger Sizemore on Philosophy and Culture see the blog series of essays by clicking here  —  see “The Conversation Room.org.”

Or  contact us for more information by corresponding with  this email: rogersizemore@gmail.com

Historic Phillips University, The Graduate Theological Seminary, now relocated to Tulsa.