Consulting Processes

G. T. “Buck” Smith

“Transformational” Processes for Financial Resource Development:   Proven strategies you can use, and as one example: [1] That of G. T. “Buck” Smith, or Major Donor “Interventions” and what he describes as “Moves” in the strategic stages of a “Cultivation Cycle.”

Buck Smith, with students at Davis and Elkins College, (WV),  where  he was President and now (since July, 2016) President Emeritus.  The Journal of Philanthropy regards Smith as the . . .  “best fundraising  College President on the planet” . . . and The Chronicle of Higher Education identified him as . . .  “the turnaround artist of higher education.”

Today, the best strategy for achieving major donor success involves leading with personalFinancial Planning and Trust Formation.  Associates of our firm, (1) The Horizon Planning Group (Certified Financial Planners,  ®, and  Certified Asset Managers), along with (2)  Specialist, Estate Tax Attorney William Slater Vincent (Listed as one of the top Estate Attorneys in the Atlanta Area), are consulted  at each step  in the formation of all plans.

The Horizon Planning Group, at, Gary Holcombe (Pictured, Right,  Center) , CFP ®, Founder and Principal of the Horizon Planning Group, Woodstock, GA.

Tax and Estate Attorney
William Slater Vincent, JD, MBA, AB – Marietta, GA,

Gary Holcombe